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Taxi drivers rights ignored by "traditional" private hire companies

Taxi business is one of the biggest industry in uk. Very important part of transportation.

We all know taxi companies are doing quite well when is about finances.

Well, money being very important for the owners and managers of this companies they start to be the one thing that matters while drivers are asked to work long hours sometimes being very tired. ( Just ask a taxi driver how long he HAVE to work)

Taxi drivers are taken by this companies as self employed, so this companies don`t pay a penny to HMRC for this drivers. All good we can say, taxi drivers must do the self assessment ...

The thing is this traditional companies will usually ask for cash in hand which, let`s be fair, means tax avoidance.

Taxi drivers must pay weekly a certain amount of money for rental of the device ( not really) this being the only thing which makes a connection between the company and drivers.

Being self employed, of course taxi drivers are not given any benefits but they have lots of obligations from uniform to attend the shifts allocated.

This is one of the main issues: Shifts and rota for self employee!?

Software used, usually Autocab, gives the company the ability to see how the drivers are working and if they attend shifts. If not good attendance then drivers will be penalized by the system. In this case they have to work even more for actually les money.

In the end taxi companies use taxi drivers as being their full workers but no rights and no taxes paid for them.

Let`s hope the new wave of real evolved companies (uber, ola, lyft, star taxis...) are promoted this being the only way taxi drivers will be self employed and all money registered for tax purpose. Taxi drivers are/should be working as real business partners.

Maybe a Law i taxi business will be a good way to finish this tax avoidance from taxi companies.

We do not have taxi drivers working for us but in partnership. It is all about them and their rights

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